Motor Vehicle Insurance Verification


A complete solution to reducing the uninsured motorist rate, DRIVe includes a combination of both proactive and reactive approaches to insurance identification and verification. Using the components listed below, HDI has been able to accurately identify those who are uninsured, allow them the opportunity to resolve their insurance status, and report lingering offenders to their respective State for further action. All of this takes place while state agencies are able to make real-time queries regarding the insurance status of vehicles at any time.


Data Exchange Services
Data Matching Services
Letter Campaigns
Call Center Services
Online Query Responses
Web Services

The DRIVe suite of services includes: software development, hosting, database administration and optional call center services. HDI is fully committed to developing and tailoring our systems to meet each client’s specific needs.

Selecting DRIVe offers states the opportunity to work with the only company with in-depth experience utilizing all major methodologies for insurance verification – random sampling, book-of-business reporting and IICMVA Web Services. Additionally, our active participation in national organizations such as the American Association of Motor Vehicles (AAMVA) and the Insurance Industry Committee on Motor Vehicle Administration (IICMVA) keeps us at the forefront of new and innovative program strategies. All of HDI's experience, from a decade of developing and implementing Alabama’s Mandatory Liability Insurance (MLI) Program to our successful development and operation of the nation’s largest program in Texas, will be put to use to lower your state’s uninsured rate.

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Pre-paid College Tuition Administration



Allowing states to administer the records for their college tuition savings programs, PACTRAC™ offers greater efficiency and cost-savings than other programs available.

Originally developed for the Alabama State Treasurer’s Office, PACTRAC™ was specifically designed for records administration functions associated with prepaid college tuition programs. By working smarter and more efficiently, PACTRAC™ can replace previously used records administration programs, enabling your prepaid tuition program to lower administrative costs and increase productivity – all at a substantial savings to your agency.

PACTRAC™ is configured to support all phases of a prepaid tuition program.  Its ease-of-use encourages a seamless transition from current operations. Agencies can choose from one or more of the following services:

Payment Processing

Enrollment Processing

Fulfillment Services

Customer Service/Call Center

Matriculation and Invoice Processing

Correspondence Processing

Customized Reports

Marketing Services

PACTRAC software: for the state that administers its program in-house.

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Law Enforcement and Transportation Solutions


eCASEManager™ is HDI’s electronic case/records management system for state and local law enforcement agencies. Originally developed for the Alabama Department of Public Safety, this program allows investigators to complete all investigative forms electronically, incorporate all investigative action into an electronic case file, attach all forms of electronic media: digital audio/video/images/scanned documents, receive e-mail alerts for assigned cases and tasks, see visual alerts for case and task deadlines, submit all documents electronically for approval, manage evidence and barcode features, organize case documents into specific order for printing, print entire case files with one function, disseminate all case documents and attachments in electronic format, query data fields and narrative fields with powerful search functions, build ad hoc reports and generate automated reports.

eCASEManager™ also allows investigative supervisors and command staff to more effectively manage investigations by monitoring case progress, assigning investigations and tasks electronically, approving or denying submitted case documents, and managing investigative caseloads of their subordinates.

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AccuEntry Logo


HDI has extensive experience with motor vehicle accident report processing in multiple jurisdictions. Using HDI’s AccuEntry™ system, HDI has successfully processed millions of motor vehicle accident reports.

Using “heads up” keying methodology combined with HDI’s double-key method of keying and verifying every accident report, all of HDI’s data management contracts have resulted in at least 99 percent accuracy rates.

HDI currently conducts motor vehicle accident report processing operations for the Texas Department of Transportation.

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Custom Software Development

Just like a tailored suit fits better than one purchased off-the-rack, custom software solutions allow agencies to find the “perfect fit” for their needs. A custom build allows an agency to be in the driver’s seat resulting in a custom package that encompasses all program requirements. While competitors tout the benefits of COTS systems, they are not always the most practical solution. Custom software encourages agencies to build their processes into the software rather than having to increase training and alter processes and to fit into what a COTS solution allows. HDI’s custom solutions are built with the client’s needs in mind and are often provided at prices at or below our competition’s COTS products because our focus is on product rather than overhead. We take the bottom line just as seriously as you do.

Many of our solutions for Software Development, Records Administration, and Data Management are created using the industry’s current development technologies.

We have the experience and vision to develop state-of-the-art solutions tailored to meeting your industry’s challenges for today and for the future.